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Market for AI in construction could be worth US$13.5 bn by 2030
The market for AI in construction was estimated to be worth US$1.3 billion last year
Bentley Systems acquires AI data collection company
The addition of Blyncsy is said to align with Bentley’s strategic focus
First speakers for in-person Construction Technology Summit announced
First two speakers for in-person technology event revealed
Technology building blocks for mitigating risk and impact in construction litigation
The construction and engineering fields are constantly evolving in response to new technological developments. While these changes bring innovation, efficiency and opportunity, they also introduce risk
Liebherr: 4 hurdles to overcome before hydrogen combustion engines go mainstream
The prospect of construction equipment running on low-emission hydrogen combustion engines is now on the horizon.
Cemex Poland launches BIM tools
The BIM (Building Information Modelling) tools that Cemex in Poland offers are designed for architects, engineers, contractors and construction professionals
Construction begins on Europe’s largest 3D-printed building
The two companies are partnering to design and oversee the creation of a server hotel for Heidelberg iT
Is construction ready for driverless vehicles?
The challenges and opportunities for automating off-highway transport
NextNav completes initial tests for 3D Position, Navigation and Timing service
The solution combines NextNav’s reliable TerraPoiNT system with existing LTE and 5G network signals
Report finds UK construction industry must address waste management
The UK Construction Industry Annual Waste Report 2023 sheds light on the consequences of omissions from waste management
Using technology to measure – and reduce – carbon emissions
Contractors are under pressure to reduce emissions but to do this they have to be able to accurately record them. A new study from Trimble has scientifically documented the carbon reduction benefits that can be realised using automated solutions
NASA invests US$150m in lunar construction technology
The companies are involved in various projects related to infrastructure, construction, and power in space
Rabbet reveals generative AI feature
Rabbet is said to efficiently store, organize, track, and standardize project data, including costs, agreements, and various documents for professionals
How Mace is harnessing data to become more efficient
Catrin Jones speaks to Mace’s chief technical officer Stephen Jeffery about the global construction company’s tech-driven approach to efficient construction
Crumbling UK hospitals highlight problems with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete
Why reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) is proving to be a headache for the owners of older buildings and why good inspection, remediation and maintenance are crucial.
The Nemetschek Group sees SaaS offerings as a significant driver of growth
The company, listed on MDAX, has successfully transitioned its business model from license-based sales to subscription and Software-as-a-Service
A platform on which to build: How is technology transforming falsework and formwork?
More than systems to aid the pouring and supporting of concrete, falsework and formwork is a key ingredient in safer, quicker and more profitable construction
Speedy partners to rent fuel-cell generators
UK hirer launches joint venture with hydrogen specialist
BAM joins forces with nPlan to launch AI forecasting
The technology provided by nPlan is said to enable BAM to analyze the entire portfolio through an AI lens
Images│Revolute Robotics introduces dual concept robot
The core technology behind this robot is said to involve a drone housed within a spherical exoskeleton
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